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BMX Racing across the East

BMX Racing across the East

BMX Racing for all

Inter Regional Round 4 – Peterborough 31st May

This is the first round of the Midlands – East Inter Regional races. On Line registration closes 11.55 pm on Friday – On day registration closes at 11.30 am. Novices can only register on the day- for more details go to the “Summer Series” page on this site.

Regional Standings after Ipswich

Rider and Club Regional Standings are now available – see the “Event Results” page. Next Round of the Regional Series is on May 31st at Peterborough – the first leg of the BMX East v BMX Midlands Inter Regional Challenge. Registration as usual is via the BC web site (£11) or on the day (£15)… (read more)

Regional Committee Meeting – May 14th.

Please note this committee meeting is being held at The Herlington Centre, Orton Malborne, Peterborough, PE25PR – Starting time 7.30pm. All BMX East club members welcome to attend.  

Regional Round 3 – May 17 – Ipswich

On Line entry via the British Cycling web site now available – register on line ans save money and time when you arrive at the event – check all your details on the On line Entry sheets on the moto boards and if all is OK you ned do no more – just enjoy your… (read more)

Summer Series Standings

BMX East Summer Series Standings now updated after round 2